Curriculum vitae & Portfolio


I am Marla, a driven initiator, motivated and enthusiastic in learning new things, and I like to convey this to other people. I preferably work structured and organized, besides that I think it’s important to stay flexible whenever that is necessary. Social, empathic and committed are characteristics that describe me well. 

Currently I’m working as an UX/UI designer at Philips Experience Design, in Healthcare. I’m part of the Yacht network as a Yacht trainee, in which I’m doing 3 challenging projects in the field of UX. I will develop myself both personally and professionally by the use of the Yacht program, personal coaching and trainings. 

UX design, innovative concepts and designs that make an impact make me happy. Creative with handwriting and illustrations. I love cooking and good food and still would like to see a lot of the world!

‘Connect your skills with your passion’ 


01/2019 - present

UX/UI designer Philips Experience Design, Healthcare, Eindhoven

Project Yacht trainees

06/2018 - present

Volunteer AYA Core team, Utrecht

Website coördinator & PR

07/2016 - 02/2018

Digital Agency ProudNerds, Nijmegen

Communication employee

12/2016 - 03/2017

Tilburg University

Research & co-create master study New Media Design

01/2015 - 05/2015

Marketingfacts, Arnhem

Graduate Internship Content Creation Marketingfacts Jaarboek

09/2013 - 01/2014

Digital Agency Valtech, Utrecht

Internship Persuasive Design Eneco, Strategy department

10/2012 - 10/2013

Tuincentrum Bull, Beuningen

Social media marketing

09/2012 - 05/2014

Project: launch online platform

Strategy & Concept


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

WordPress CMS

Adobe Illustrator




12/2017 - 01/2018

Tilburg University

User Experience Design
Extra Curriculair

08/2015 - 02/2017

Tilburg University

Master of Science
Business Communication and Digital media

09/2011 - 06/2015

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Communication & Multimedia Design (bachelor)

02/2014 - 07/2014

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Intermedia, editorial print design (minor)

07/2004 - 06/2011

OverBetuwe College Bemmel

VWO (secondary school)


Long distance and intimacy


People in Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) experience many issues such as the lack of intimacy, poor internet connections and missing events in real life. However, the main issue that people experience in LDRs is the problem with communicating due to time differences which affect the degree of intimacy.

Research tools: desk research, interviews, personas, storyboarding, user tests
Design tools: Pencil and paper, Axure, Sketch, Invision


Marketingfacts Jaarboek


”Hoe kan contentcreatie bijdragen aan het vergroten van het gebruik van het Marketingfacts Jaarboek in het hoger onderwijs?“

Onderzoek en ontwerp voor de landingspagina van het Marketingfacts Jaarboek op, t.b.v. verbetering online profilering en vindbaarheid in de oriëntatiefase van de customer journey.

Persuasive Design voor Eneco


Inzet van Persuasive Design voor Eneco bij internetbureau eFocus (nu Valtech) tijdens realisatie van nieuwe website in een groot scrumproject. Nauwe samenwerking met online strateeg en scrum master.

Research tools: bureau- en gebruikersonderzoek, persona’s, customer journey mapping

Design tools: Pen en papier, Axure, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Recycle en maak fashion


Creëer een revolutionair fashion magazine. Het revolutionaire aspect dient terug te komen in het onderwerp, de content en de layout. ‘Maak iets dat we nooit eerder gezien hebben!’

Het concept: recycle afval tot fashion! Het gehele magazine is eigen ontwerp: het idee, de layout, de foto’s, de materialen gebruikt in de foto’s, het drukwerk, het vouwen, en natuurlijk het plezier!

Het magazine is ook te recyclen: het is gemaakt van één vel papier dat, middels een patroon op de achterkant, omgevouwen kan worden tot een papieren jurk!

Presenteer jezelf!


Solliciteren? Dan moet je jezelf onderscheiden met een unieke CV! Ik vind het belangrijk dat documenten over de juiste vormgeving beschikken, zo ook CV’s. Hiervoor gebruik ik mijn favoriete programma: Adobe InDesign.


Koken & handlettering

Koken & eten

From Dutch to international dishes, I love to try new recipes! I don’t throw them away, so I turn the remaining ingredients into a creative meal.

Koken & handlettering


As a child, I already loved to draw. I recently discovered hand lettering, which makes me very excited! I prefer to combine hand lettering with illustrations.

Koken & handlettering

Reizen & fotografie

During my studies in Austria I discovered that I would like to see much more of the world. After that I discovered Latin America in 3 months, to visit my Erasmus friends. I like to capture beautiful places in photos to create memories.


A question? Suggestions? Or can we do something for each other? I look forward to your message!