Long Distance & Intimacy

UX Design, Tilburg University

Through user analyses the main problem was indicated:

” People in Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) experience many issues such as the lack of intimacy, poor internet connections and missing events in real life. However, the main issue that people experience in LDRs is the problem with communicating due to time differences which affect the degree of intimacy. “

The different stages of the Design Thinking process led to the following concept. The aim was to create awareness for the time in different time zones by the use of smartphones, due to the fact that the users mentioned to make use of their smartphone to stay in contact in LDRs. Therefore, an application called ‘Time Buddy’ was created with the following features: it shows whether the other person is awake or not, it links to various media platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype, it informs the user about the time from another person living in a different time zone when texting, and it enables the user to make urgent calls when the other person is sleeping. It creates continuous awareness of the time zone and the activity of the other person.

Research tools: desk research, interviews, personas, storyboarding, user testsĀ 
Design tools: Pencil and paper, Axure, Sketch, Invision

A selection of the process: